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Welcome to the website of a branch of the Harahan family

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John Harahan

The family tree at present starts with Patrick and Margaret who lived in Birmingham. It is likely that Patrick came from Carigallen or Aughavaghas in County Leitrim as the name of Harahan seems to originate from there. Margaret was also born in Ireland in the neighbouring County Cavan. They seem to have had 8 children the last one David unfortunately died at birth. It also seems that their 6th and 7th Children Susannah and John spent their time in the workhouse, no doubt a sign of catholicsism and the poverty of the times.

In March 1886 Margaret died aged 44 and Patrick died one year later aged 48.

A record of another child William born and died in 1887 is likely to have been born to one of their children.

Their fifth child James born in 1857 married Caroline Bodenham and they had 9 children. The last two William and Horace Albert also seemed to have died at birth.

It seems unusual that children born to the familly were named William as the families were Catholic. My grandfather was reputed to say that 'no matter how poor his parents were money was always put aside for the priest visits. He was always given a good drink'.

James and Caroline married in December 1880. Most of the family stayed in the Birmingham area and some are buried in Witton Cemetery

John Patrick 'Jack' aged 20 in 1907 went to America to try his luck and later returned and moved to Sheffield to work in the cutlery trade with his brother Hugh. John Patrick's first wife Sarah died and Hugh was divorced. They both later married two sisters from the Walker family in Sheffield Sarah Anne (Sally) and Ethel.

Hugh and Ethel Harahan were my grandparents.