Transcription of letter found in grandparents (Harahan) effects

Ansonia Connecticut
March 26th

Dear Polly

Your letter came safe to hand, you will think I am a long time answering it, but as Susie was going to be married I thought it would wait till it was over and I have been so long busy since, that I could not find time till now. I hope you got the newspaper I sent you with Susies marriage. She was married on Monday the 8th of March and her husband is a perfect gentleman. He is 26 years of age. He is a machinist by trade. They have gone to housekeeping about 2 miles from here. They have a kitchen. Parlour and bedroom, nicely furnished. Susie has married into one of the best familys in the town. Her husbands father is a pretty rich man and they are a very fine aristocratic people, there is many a lady with money and education would like to be in Susies place. You would be surprised to see Susie now the perfect little lady she has become. Her husbands father and mother received her with open arms. Alice and I went to church with her ???/ happy we miss her very much but are getting used to it now and we are proud of her having done so well. Her husbands family gave quite a dinner the Sunday after to their family in honour of the bride and she was formally introduced to the family. They all took quite a ???. Name is Mr Wm Bristol. She and her husband came home and stayed with us Saturday night and all day Sunday last. We are all quite well and Alice, Susie and children send their love to you and accept the same from your loving brother

Wm Debank

• Letter written by man to his sister (likely) or sister in law
• Lives in Ansonia, Connecticut USA with his wife Alice and at least 2 more children. Eldest daughter Susie just married a man called Bristol who is 26. At the time of the letter, both his parents were alive and well off.
• The marriage was publicised in the local paper
• Marriage took place on Monday 8th March
• Letter was among effects of my grandparents. My father thought that the writer and receiver (Wm Debank to Polly) were relatives of either grandmother or grandfather. The only Polly my father was aware of was my fathers uncle Jim Harahan’s wife (nee Dean – she was previously married so her maiden name might have been Debank) His mothers aunt Polly ( nee Shillitoe)